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Become a Top Gun Pilot
Become a Top Gun Pilot for a day and fly your very own Jet Fighter Adventure Joy Flight with Australia's longest running adventure jet operator. Operating since 1996 Jetfighter has been perfecting the quality experience you would expect from an organisation with a 100% incident free safety record.

Our Pilots are standing by to escort you on the adventure of a lifetime and they are among the best Jet Fighter Pilots in the country. Our world champion pylon racer, and RAAF FA/18 combat instructors have flown a great number of military aircraft including our current RAAF jets the FA/18 Hornet and Hawk, in both Australia and New Zealand.

We own and operate the latest model and lowest air time L-39C Albatros in Australia and we are proud to offer you this unique opportunity to experience an adrenaline packed Adventure Flight experience in this ex-military fighter jet. We provide one of the best gift ideas for any special occasion be it a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, or just for fun.
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choose your aircraft
Strap yourself into the Albatros L-39C for the ultimate adrenaline ride in an ex-military fighter jet! Experience the sheer rush as you reach speeds Up to 900km/h at 5 G's as your pilot takes you through a range of military combat manoeuvres tailored to the individual from mild to wild.

The sheer power of this incredibly agile aircraft is something to dream about, let alone experience.

The excitement of being involved in a flight of your choice can only truly be appreciated as you climb into the cockpit of this awesome machine, fitted up in a flight suit and helmet, the briefing running through your mind while you reinvent fashion in a pair of dusted off legendary aviator style sunglasses made famous by Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” all those year ago.
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choose your mission
"Choose one of our exciting high speed jet missions including aerobatic fighter etc. All you need to do is decide who gets to be "Maverick" and who gets to be "Iceman".
Choose from one of the following exhilarating missions:
+ INTRODUCTORY MISSION *$1400 from $1990
+ HOT SHOT 25 MINUTE MISSION *$1990 from $2545
+ TOP GUN 30 MINUTE MISSION *$2450 from $3045
+ COMBAT STRIKE 35 MINUTE MISSION *$2950 from $3400
These missions are designed as a guide. We aim to personalise all flights to meet your expectations of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mission flight times are from 15 to 40 minutes all tailored to the individual - from as mild to as wild as you like it
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people reviews
virgopen I have to say it's probably the best experience I've ever had! I've been raving about it to all my friends, some think I'm mad others want to do it. I've passed on your details to one friend already. close
virgopen I just wanted to thank you again for a sensational Jetfighter experience on Saturday. It was amazing! close
virgopen Viewing the DVD gave me a chance to relive the most exhilarating experience I have ever had, obviously apart from getting married 43 years ago and the birth of our children. close
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